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The original WorldCom (WCOEQ) and MCI (MCWEQ) stock is now worthless.

On April 20, 2004 the reorganization plan created by the creditors and the company managment was approved by the bankruptcy court.

The reorganization plan creates new stock that has been issued to the company's creditors (primarily bondholders). I believe the new stock symbol is MCIA.

A note regarding the SEC's $ 750 million WorldCom victims' compensation fund.

I finally have a web site (pdf file) of a form to fill out to claim part of the $ 750 million. The link to the file is:
It appears that all claims have to be received by the distribution agent no later than July 19, 2005. Tell your friends.

A note regarding the $ 2.65 billion CitiBank settlement.

This money is part of a class action lawsuit settlement. At some point the lawyers will make an announcement of who can make a claim and what procedures should be followed. I do not know when this will take place.

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